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Our Training Options

Monthly Memberships

See Packages Below

60 minutes/1 hr

-Bronze Package- $170 for 4 Sessions

-Silver Package- $210 for 6 Sessions

-Gold Package -$260 for 8 Sessions plus All Around App Access

Skills Lab Memberships


60 minutes / 1 hr.

This includes 4 1 hr sessions per month. All sessions will take place in a large group setting of 6+ athletes. Sessions will be held on Wednesdays Afternoons at the Schaumburg Sports Center at 5:15pm and 6:15pm.

Kid's Academy

$100 per Month

45 Min.

This includes 4 45 Min. Sessions per month. Our Kids Academy is a designed basketball training program designated to teach basic basketball fundamentals and motor skills for athletes 1st-4th Grade (5-9 years old)

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